aerodral® MAX fabric

aerodral® MAX fabric

Small water drops, which roll off the surface, will be enough to clean the surface from pollution. The “Permaclean-finish” is caused by Nano-particles, which create an extrem close protective surface. This avoids any dirt accumulation on the surface. A rain shower or a splash of water is enough to remove any dirt.

The effect of the completely new “Permaclean-finish” of aerodral MAX is a replication of nature. Like a lotus flower, dirt will be washed away by rain only.

Looking on the surface of the fabric, it can be seen, that the surface consists of millions of mikroscopic small, water repellent peaks. aerodral MAX is coated with a fungicidal Acrylat and does have therefore a high watertightness. Aerodral is therefore ideal for a long term use, even under changing climate and weather conditions or high air pollution.

The main advantages are:
– nonfading, UV stabile
– dirt and water-repellent
– easy to maintain
– fungicidal treatment, weather resistant
– protection from UV-light and heat
– high tensile strength
– long lifespan (10-15 year)

Color Choise:
silver, flanell, anthrazit, sand, taupe, cherry red, terracotta

UPF Values (UV-Protection):
25 – 39 „very good” 40 – 50 „excellent“ all colors 50+
The values of UV-protection are much higher than any sun lotion


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