aeroflon® –  PTFE fabric

The unique advantages of aeroflon®

– pure, non-yellowing white
– lifespan up to 25 years
– 100% weatherproof, UV resistant and rot-resistant
– screening of harmful UV radiation
– minimal soiling (self-cleaning effect)
– high heat reflection up to 50% (cooling)
– waterproof
– odorless
– pleasant light transmission with shading
– flame retardant to EN 13501-A2-S1, d0
– excellent tear resistantance
– high strength and low weight per unit area
– textile nature with outstanding surface feeling
– excellent kinking resistance

aeroflon Architekturgewebe_PTFE

Architectural fabrics made of PTFE

These are based on highly drawn weaving yarns with strengths of up to 40 cN / tex, the structure of which consists of twisted film strips with a cross section of, for example, 0.5 x 0.05 mm. Depending on the ​​application, PTFE architectural fabrics are used directly without a coating or with a coating made of fluorothermoplastics.

In the premium market segment, architectural fabrics made from the fluoropolymer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) offer a flexible alternative for the use of tensioned membrane surfaces in the interior and exterior (roof, wall and light body). PTFE fabrics are characterized by extreme weather resistance of over 25 years, high light transmission of up to 40%, low flammability (DIN 4102-B1), low smoke gas development (DIN EN 13501-1 B-s1, d0) and excellent dirt resistance. and water-repellent properties.

Compared to PTFE-coated glass fabrics, there is also the advantage of high flexibility and a significantly lower weight per unit area. As an effective shading element, lamellas made of PTFE fabric prevent direct sunlight from affecting interior spaces and the resulting heat build-up. Areas of application are schools, sports halls, arenas, banks, hotels, offices, hospitals, airports and other commercial objects. Room elements made of PTFE fabrics create a successful combination between acoustic room protection and natural light when designing objects in textile architecture.

Rooms are structured, remain flooded with light, appear open and spacious and still maintain privacy and discretion.

Main characteristics of PTFE:

  • Chemically inert / highly biocompatible
  • PTFE is practically chemically inert due to the strong bond between the carbon and the fluorine atoms. This makes it the perfect starting material for many filtration and sealing applications. In contact with the human body, this means maximum biocompatibility and no reaction of the body with the material.
  • Extremely low friction
    PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction, the same as between 2 blocks of ice. In addition, with PTFE, the static friction is the same as the dynamic friction, so the start of movement runs smoothly. PTFE is therefore used in many friction management applications in a wide variety of processing forms.
  • Enormous temperature resistance
    PTFE can be used at continuous operating temperatures from -200 ° C to + 280 ° C. In extremely cold environments, unlike most other plastics, it remains flexible and does not become brittle. In a very hot environment, it shows no signs of decomposition or degradation.
  • Totally repellent and anti-adhesive
    Almost nothing sticks to PTFE. Due to the high surface tension and smooth surface.
  • Non-flammable
    PTFE has a “Limiting Oxygen Index” (LOI) of 95%. So you would need 95% oxygen content in the air to burn PTFE, so it is considered non-flammable. When PTFE is exposed to a direct flame, it disintegrates while “glowing”.
  • UV and weather resistant
    PTFE is 100% UV-resistant, so it does not degrade any strength under UV exposure. In addition, PTFE does not degrade or rot and is resistant to microorganisms and pests.
  • Physiologically completely harmless
    Yarns and fibers made from 100% fully sintered PTFE are ideally suited for food, drinking water and medical applications. They have also been approved for these purposes by various authorities (US FDA, EU).
  • Perfect insulator
    PTFE is a perfect electrical as well as thermal insulator
  • Infinite lifespan
    PTFE is practically indestructible in many applications – this enables very long product life cycles.


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