Transparent Protection against COVID-19 | aeronautec ProMed | safe distance

Transparent Protection from COVID-19 – aeronautec ProMed – safe distance

The technical development consists of a transparent Foil.

The development consists of a translucent film. It serves to prevent pathogens by droplet transmission for doctor’s offices, offices and shops and to protect employees and guests.

The aerofilm membrane consists of fluorpolymers and has a thickness of 100µm, is according to DIN EN13501 Bs1, d0 (flame retardant), odorless, easy to clean and is also acid and alkali resistant.

This protection only slightly affects the conversation. The transparent protection aeronautec ProMed is available in a width of 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm up to a length / height of 1,200, 1,500 and 2,000 mm via the suspension using stainless steel ropes.

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One of our business partners wrote – Face to Face: Suddenly, it’s complicated.

Perhaps it’s a reception desk.  Maybe it’s a customer-service counter.  It could be a cashier’s station.

Wherever it is, two people are talking face to face.  Two people are at risk from ingesting the droplets that come from a cough or a sneeze.  And most face-to-face conversations cannot be productive from six feet away.  

If you’re an essential business, then you are confronting the question now.  If you are a non-essential business waiting to reopen, then you will be forced to answer it soon.

In the cruel new world of Coronavirus, how do we provide protection at the physical point of service — where our receptionists, registration pros and customer-service reps are face-to-face with our visitors?

One answer — immediately available — is aeronautec ProMed.

aeronautec ProMed is a lightweight, unobtrusive and visually and acoustically transparent thin-screen that separates and protects the two conversationalists, while enabling normal communication.

The properties of the aeronautec ProMed material transmits voices while it prevents transfer of droplets or direct airflow. Only 100 microns thick and configurable into virtually any shape or size, aeronautec ProMed is made of a proprietary Teflon-based film.  I heard you are working on aeronautec ProMed is additionally coated with an antibacterial, antiviral coating, which might be a very interesting development.

Weighing in at 175 grams per square meter — the weight of a Frisbee — aeronautec ProMed can be configured, customized and even personalized for any customer-facing work station ranging from a reception desk to a customer-service counter to a registration kiosk.

Wipe-down cleaning and finger-tip carrying means that many aeronautec ProMed units can be transported from one location to another quickly, easily and on-the-fly according to changes in foot traffic. 

UV-stable, inert and chemical-proof, aeronautec ProMed stays clear, does not fade and lasts for decades.

aeronautec ProMed can be ordered to your specifications in any form factor or size.  Or simply order the square footage you need and ask your building-maintenance or seamstress to create your own units. 

aeronautec ProMed for Mutual Protection:

— Talk-through in normal tone of voice; no need for two-way communications link

— Flame-Retardant and compliant

— Unobtrusive

— Lightweight

— Simple to rearrange, move and store

— Simple to adjust in height

— Simple installation

— Big areas can be covered compared to other systems

— Resilient and long-lasting

— Easy to clean and maintain

 — Blends seamlessly into physical and electronic security systems

— Easily integrated peripheral to security and registration systems

— Blends easily with sliding and rising screens

— Blends easily with fixed, bandit and bullet-resistant security screens

— Does not warp CCTV/surveillance camera surveillance

— Does not detract from design for secure office/residential environments

Immediately deployable to both Businesses:

Essential Business:

— Doctors’ Offices 

— Medical Centers

— Pharmacies

— Banks

— Government (Local, State and Federal)

— Law Enforcement

— Schools

— Grocery & Food Services

Non-Essential Businesses:

— Corporate Reception Desks

— Retail Cashiers

— Customer Service Counters

— Hospitality Check-In and Concierge Desks

— Retail Counters

— Kiosks

Stay healthy.